09 November 2006


I've recently been mulling over a theory that was placed in my brain during a conversation over lunch on election day: The Invalid Government Theory.

And this makes some sense, so all of you "vote or die-ers" out there bear with me.

What I will miss most about my current job is the people. Namely, Sandt, theManager of Quality Assurance. I have never met, and will most likely never meet again, a person that is as conspiracy driven as she. That is to say: she is hella paranoid.

For Sandy, election day is a controversial holiday. Her distrust of the current governement is a badge worn proudly in most everything she does. As an educated citizen, parent, and humanitraian, she feels the most effective and resonating use of her voting right is in her absence at the polls.

What she calls the "Vote and Die" one-woman movement results from the fact that a dramatic decrease in voter turn out would result in an illegitimate goverment-- and this is something that may bring about a change in it's structure, or at the very least a change in the mutts that are currently making a career out of something our forefathers had only intended as public service.

Although the non-vote may result in ghastly governemental instability, our constitution is constructed to provide for a rebuild should the government be overthrown by the people. This is explitavely WHY the second ammendment even exists.

And I must admit, although passive aggressive, the idealistic American Dream promises of the non-vote are very attractive. Especially at a point when Americans have little faith that their vote is fairly represented by the politicians that rise almost exlusively from the wealthy class -- or what our president refers to as "the haves".

So I didn't vote. Unamerican? Perhaps. But not any more unamerican than validating the political corruption of either a multimillionaire actor or a nepatistic golden boy.

Silence at the polls is mia chiarezza oggi.

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